System designed to improve indoor air quality within a dental office by removing contaminants, pollutants, and airborne pathogens. These systems help create a clean and safe environment for both patients and dental staff by reducing the risk of exposure to harmful particles and microorganisms.





Air Purification System


We prioritize providing our patients with the cleanest and freshest air possible at Sarna Family Dentists. Dr. Sarna has installed the Surgically Clean Air System, the most effective air purification system available, in our office to achieve this. Our commitment to ensuring your well-being extends beyond dental care, as we believe in creating a healthy and comfortable environment for everyone.

Our advanced air purification system effectively eliminates micro bacterial germs commonly found in dental offices, ensuring clean air for our valued patients and team members. Experience a consistently fresh and pristine environment!

 Visit us today and experience the clean air provided by Sarna Family Dentistry.  We look forward to improving your smile and your health!









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