Lasers allow dentists to precisely target specific areas of the mouth, preserving more healthy tooth structure and minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. Laser procedures are often less invasive than traditional methods therefore promoting faster healing times.






What is Soft Tissue Laser Treatment in Oakville?

Dr. Sarna utilizes the soft tissue laser to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of various dental procedures. Soft tissue laser technology in dentistry has revolutionized common and uncommon treatments, offering precise outcomes. With the ability to reshape gum tissue and expose healthier tooth structure, known as crown lengthening, this advanced technique provides a solid foundation for restorations, ensuring optimal oral health.

Dental lasers offer a range of benefits. They can effectively reshape gum tissue, revealing healthy tooth structure and enhancing the appearance of a gummy smile. Moreover, lasers prove to be an ideal treatment option for children with a restricted or tight Frenulum, commonly known as being tongue tied. Additionally, they can be used to aid babies who face challenges in adequate breastfeeding due to limited tongue movement. With their precision and versatility, dental lasers have become invaluable tools in modern dentistry.

Dr. Sarna, a highly skilled professional, makes use of a state-of-the-art soft tissue laser to effectively address speech impediments in patients. This advanced dental laser technology ensures a painless and suture-free experience, allowing for the precise and gentle removal of soft tissue folds that commonly arise from ill-fitting dentures. Rest assured, with Dr. Sarna’s expertise and the utilization of cutting-edge dental lasers, patients can achieve optimal oral health and improved speech function.









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