Lasers allow dentists to precisely target specific areas of the mouth, preserving more healthy tooth structure and minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. Laser procedures are often less invasive than traditional methods therefore promoting faster healing times.






What is laser dentistry?

At Sarna Family Dentistry in Oakville we are proud to offer Laser Dentistry. The Fotona Lightwalker device utilizes hydrokinetic technology to remove hard and soft tissue with laser-powered water droplets.  The Waterlase laser is a remarkable technology that offers a multitude of benefits.

Not only does it provide a heat-free and vibration-free experience, but it is also deemed completely safe by the FDA. This hydrokinetic laser has been approved for use on both adults and children since 1998, making it a trusted and reliable choice for various dental procedures. With its gentle and precise approach, the Waterlase laser ensures a comfortable and efficient treatment for patients of all ages.

Fotona Lightwalker is an extremely versatile piece of dental equipment.  It can be used to either perform or expedite many procedures including:
  • Caries removal
  • Cavity preparation
  • Dentin and enamel procedures
  • Gum lifts and reshaping
  • Removal of decay
  • Soft tissue procedures


Fotona Lightwalker Laser

Fotona Lightwalker works by precisely combining atomized water and laser energy to gently remove hard and soft tissue.  Using our state-of-the-art precision laser technology, we have revolutionized dental procedures. With this advanced laser, anesthesia is often unnecessary, ensuring a comfortable experience for patients. Not only does the laser sterilize the surgical area, minimizing the risk of bacterial invasions or infections, but it also provides a needleless and painless solution for children and fearful patients. Experience the magic of the dental laser and achieve the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.


Here are some reasons why using Fotona Lightwalker is preferable to the traditional dental drill:

  • Adjacent teeth remain unaffected
  • Faster and stronger bonding of fillings
  • Less of the healthy tooth is removed
  • Minimal bleeding during and after procedures
  • No heat or unpleasant vibrations
  • Pinpoint accuracy generates better results
  • Reduced number of dental visits
  • Reduced risk of post-surgical infection




How are LightWalker Laser procedures performed?


Each LightWalker Laser procedure is tailored to individual needs, but there are some key elements that remain constant. Firstly, to ensure utmost safety, protective eyewear will be provided to shield the eyes from any potential harm. Secondly, a small LightWalker Laser device will emit precise streams of atomized water, allowing for precise cutting into both hard and soft tissue. The laser’s sterilizing effect ensures a hygienic procedure, making it possible to complete soft tissue augmentation in just one visit.

The remarkable LightWalker Laser not only enhances patient comfort and reduces anxiety but also proves to be a cost-effective solution. It is considered one of the least invasive and most efficient tools in a dentist’s arsenal, providing exceptional results. With the LightWalker Laser, dentists can significantly improve the overall dental health and restore the natural beauty of every smile. Its advanced technology offers a level of precision and effectiveness that is truly remarkable.









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