The Isolite Dental Isolation System is a dental device designed to provide illumination, suction, and isolation during dental procedures. It consists of a mouthpiece that patients can bite down on comfortably, which contains a small, powerful LED light to illuminate the oral cavity. Additionally, the mouthpiece has a built-in suction system to remove saliva, water, and debris, helping to keep the area clean and dry.






Isolite Dental Isolation System

Dr. Sarna relies on the Isolite Dental Isolation system for its exceptional ability to illuminate the oral cavity during dental procedures. This invaluable tool empowers Dr. Sarna to provide you with the finest dentistry available, ensuring optimal care and results.

As a further benefit to our patients, the Isolite Dental Isolation system is an individualized vacuum system that protects your cheek, tongue and jaw health and reduces mercury vapors when removing metal fillings.

Dr. Sarna utilizes the Isolite system to create a dry environment within your mouth, resulting in longer-lasting dental restorations. This advanced system not only benefits all patients but also provides enhanced comfort during procedures.

 With the Isolite system, you can be confident that your oral health is in the best hands. Our commitment to providing excellent dentistry means providing state of the art equipment and services that ensure we uphold our promise of complete comfort and safety. Come experience how Dr. Sarna and the Isolite Dental Isolation system will take care of all your dental needs!

If you have any further questions about the Isolite Dental Isolation system, speak with one of our amazing team members at Sarna Family Dentistry.








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